Consultations pour le Forum social mondial 2009 (vos réponses jusqu'au 6 juin)

Consultations pour le Forum social mondial 2009 (vos réponses jusqu'au 6 juin)

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La consultation proposée par le Conseil international du Forum Social mondial 2009 est déjà en ligne sur : Cette consultation vise à identifier les objectifs d'action qui nous permettront de renforcer encore plus le dialogue et la construction d'alliances entre les diverses organisations, mouvements et réseaux de la pan Amazonie et du reste de monde.

La consultation prend comme point de départ les neuf objectifs définis lors du FSM 2007 de Nairobi (Kenya), décrits ici. Le Conseil international voudrait savoir si ces objectifs correspondent aux sujets qui doivent être débattus lors du FSM 2009 ou s'il y a un besoin d'ajouter ou de modifier certains objectifs, en prenant comme guide les campagnes et luttes des participants au processus.

Le but de la consultation est de garantir la participation du plus grand nombre possible d’entités et de personnes dans le processus d’actualisation et ou de confirmation de ces objectifs.

Vos réponses peuvent être écrites en portugais, anglais, espagnol ou français et doivent être envoyées avant le 6 juin. Pour accéder à la consultation, dirigez-vous vers le site du FSM 2009 Amazonie ( ), où vous trouverez un texte explicatif et des instructions précises.

La consultation est également l'occasion de lancer officiellement l'espace virtuel dédié à la préparation du FSM 2009 Amazonie :
Cet espace se veut une plateforme d'échange d'information et de participation à la création du Forum, pour tous les mouvements, réseaux et toutes les organisations concernés.

Pour plus d'information sur le Forum Social Mondial, visitez le :

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The consultation about the WSF 2009 objectives of action is launched

The consultation proposed by the WSF International Council (IC) is already online at It aims to identify objectives of action that will allow us to reinforce even more the dialogue and the construction of alliances between various organizations, movements and networks from the Pan-Amazon region and from the world.

The consultation has as a starting point the nine objectives defined for the WSF 2007 that took place in Nairobi (Kenya). The proposal is that, like in Africa, the activities that will happen during the World Social Forum (WSF) 2009 in the Amazon are organized around these objectives of action.

We present below the goals adopted for the organisation of the WSF in Nairobi - 2007:
  1. For the construction of a world of peace, justice, ethics and respect for different espiritualities, free of weapons, especially nuclear ones;
  2. For the release of the world domain by multinationals, financial capital, the imperialist domination and unequal systems of commerce;
  3. For universal and sustainable access to the common property of mankind and nature, for the preservation of our planet and its resources, particularly water and forests;
  4. For the democratization of knowledge and information and for the creation of a system of shared knowledge with the dismantling of Intellectual Property Rights;
  5. For the dignity, diversity, ensuring the equality of gender and race and elimination of all forms of discrimination and caste (discrimination based on descent);
  6. For ensurance (lifetime use of all people) of the economic, social, human, cultural and environmental rights, particularly the rights to food, health, education, housing, employment and decent work;
  7. For the construction of a world order based on sovereignty, self-determination and on people's rights;
  8. For the construction of an economy centred on people and sustainability;
  9. For the construction and expansion of truely democratic political structures and institutions with the participation of people in decisions and control of public affairs and resources.
The same applies to the physic space of the event. The IC wants to know if the set of objectives contemplates the matters that must be discussed in the WSF 2009 or if there is a need to add or modify any of the objectives, having as a guide the struggles, actions and campaigns that the consulted organizations have been dealing with.

The goal of the consultation is to guarantee the voice and participation of a larger number (the largest possible) of entities and people in the process of updating or confirming the objectives of action of the WSF.

The answers to the consultation can be written in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French and sent until the 6th of June. In order to access the consultation, you have to go to the WSF 2009 Amazon website ( There will be the text written by the IC explaining the consultation and its objectives. You only have to click on the indicated button, answer the questions and fill in the data about the organization, responsible person, country and contact.

Website towards the World Social Forum 2009 in the Amazon

The consultation also launches the virtual space - - dedicated to the preparation of the WSF 2009 in the Amazon, where all organizations, networks and movements that share the dream that another world is possible will be able to obtain and exchange information and help building yet one more edition of the WSF, which for the first time is happening in the Amazon.

The website will be updated periodically with information on a set of themes linked to the participation on the 2009 event (registration of organizations, individuals, activities, volunteers, stands, press accreditation, and others). Put it on you favorites list and check it regularly.

For more information on the WSF process, please go to:
Contact :