Appel à propositions pour la conférence « Comparative Adult Education 2012 »

Appel à propositions pour la conférence « Comparative Adult Education 2012 »

Si vous travaillez dans le domaine des études comparatives internationales sur l'éducation des adultes,  l'ISCAE (International Society for Comparative Adult Education) vous encourage à participer et à soumettre une proposition.

Un résumé d'une page (500-600 mots) doit être envoyé à au plus tard le 15 mai 2012. Il sera examiné par les membres du Comité scientifique de l'ISCAE.

Version intégrale de l'appel (en langue originale anglaise) :

We invite colleagues to participate with papers from the following categories:

  • comparing one or more topics of adult education/andragogy in two or more countries (= comparative study sui generis).
  • dealing with questions about the theory, principles, methods, and other topics related to comparison in the international context of adult education = critical reflection of comparative methods/principles).
  • reflecting and sharing experiences gained in international research endeavours in which they faced problems, promises, challenges and pitfalls typical for comparative studies (= lessons learned).
  • reporting developments, new publications, "state of the art" of comparative research in a given country or region or language (= reviewing).

A one page abstract (500-600 words) should be sent to not later than May 15, 2012. It will be reviewed by members of the ISCAE Scientific Committee. Notification of acceptance will be given by June 15, 2012.

The deadline for submission of complete papers (of no more than 5000 words) is September 15, 2012. For presentation time and style please refer to

The conference language is English.

Comparative Adult Education research means to explicitly identify and analyze similarities and differences in two or more countries and includes the attempt to understand why the differences and similarities occur and what they tell us about adult education in these countries. This also includes reflections about the methods, strategies, and concepts of international comparison, and summarizing reports about developments in the international comparative field on a material or meta level.
Earlier ISCAE conferences (1995, 1998, 2002, 2006) generated publication of two volumes:

We recommend presenters to refer to the state of art documented in these books.

Scientific Committee of the 5th ISCAE conference:
Assoc. professor Michal Bron Jr, S‚dert‚rn University, Sweden
Professor John A. Henschke, Lindenwood University St. Louis, USA
Assoc. professor Marcella Milana, ƒrhus University, Denmark
Professor Jost Reischmann, Bamberg University, Germany
Professor Daniel Schugurensky, Arizona State University, USA