Édition spéciale virtuelle « Reading, Writing and Technology »

Édition spéciale virtuelle « Reading, Writing and Technology »

À lire dans l'édition spéciale virtuelle de la revue Journal of Research in Reading :

« Over recent years, relationships between reading, writing and technology have played out in diverse and multiple ways. For some, work has focused on using new technologies to support the development of particular literacy skills whilst others have responded to new technologies by exploring the possibilities for new literacy practices. All this has implications for how we see reading and writing and consequently for literacy pedagogies. The collection of articles in this virtual issue demonstrates this diversity. »


Cathy Burnett, Clare Wood, Julia Davies

Teachers are digikids too: the digital histories and digital lives of young teachers in English primary schools (PDF)
Lynda Graham

Barriers to teachers using digital texts in literacy classrooms (PDF)
Eileen Honan

Technology, learning and instruction: distributed cognition in the secondary English classroom (PDF)
Mary Louise Gomez, Melissa Schieble, Jen Scott Curwood, Dawnene Hassett

Playing and resisting: rethinking young people's reading cultures (PDF)
Alex Kendall

Dissonance between the digitally created words of school and home (PDF)
Clare Dowdall

Using computer-aided instruction to support the systematic practice of phonological skills in beginning readers
Mary Wild

A randomised efficacy study of Web-based synthetic and analytic programmes among disadvantaged urban Kindergarten children
Erin M. Comaskey, Robert S. Savage, Philip Abrami

How technology for comprehension training can support conversation towards the joint construction of meaning (PDF)
Nicola Yuill, Darren Pearce, Lucinda Kerawalla, Amanda Harris, Rosemary Luckin

On-screen print: the role of captions as a supplemental literacy tool (PDF)
Deborah Linebarger, Jessica Taylor Piotrowski, Charles R. Greenwood

Effectiveness of computerised spelling training in children with language impairments: a comparison of modified and unmodified speech input
Dorothy Bishop, Caroline Adams, Annukka Lehtonen, Stuart Rosen