Global Higher Education Forum 2013 (GHEF2013)


4 Décembre 2013 - 05h00 - 7 Décembre 2013 - 04h59

GHEF2013 seeks to create a dialogic space for widening the representation of diverse voices, strengthening cultural connectivity, intercivilisational and cultural dialogues, and indigenous knowledge systems. We would like to hear from the less represented and unheard voices alongside the experts and key players in fora on higher education. We believe that sustainable higher education futures engage with multiple actors and stakeholders locally, regionally and transnationally. This commitment stretches beyond dialogues, towards establishing firm plans and actions to empower the majority for the greater public good of all. Through conversations and partnerships between the various stakeholders and actors whose worldviews, voices and narratives matters, transformation unfolds. We aspire for an organically linked higher education ecosystem which is responsive to the needs of the communities. We would contest the hegemony of higher education which at times, seen to be separate, even alienated from its immediate socio-cultural communities and contexts; and taken a life of its own, at times, more connected to the elitist and privileged world outside, visible by the global order of internationalisation, the pursuit of global ranking at any costs and the commodification of higher education in an ascending higher education marketplace. It matters to us at GHEF2013 that the intercultural conversations and the multiple partnerships to build and sustain a symbiotic higher education ecosystem are vitally linked to the local and global community.

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