Webinaire « Workplace Literacy and Essential Skills: The Current Reality »


4 Décembre 2013 - 19h00 - 5 Décembre 2013 - 19h59

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Canadian Literacy and Learning Network (CLLN)

Hosted by Claire Hall, AWL Project* manager, Research Findings presented by Sue Follinsby and Brigid Hayes, Researchers

Workplace Literacy and Essential Skills (WLES) occurs across the country in many shapes and forms. Employers who engage in WLES do so for various reasons. Most often research captures the outcomes of WLES but not on what happens before employees sign on to do training. Recent research captures the changing focus of WLES, particularly from an employer standpoint (specifically small and medium sized enterprises).

Take this opportunity to learn about:

  • the current thinking about WLES training
  • the changing focus of WLES over time, particularly from an employer standpoint
  • implications/opportunities from the findings

*this is a joint CLLN and ABC Life Literacy Canada Project

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