ForAge Conference 2014 « New Directions and New Learning in Later Life »


7 Novembre 2014 - 05h00 - 9 Novembre 2014 - 04h59

Active and healthy ageing are strong themes and campaigns across Europe. They do not always - but should- include access for older people to education and learning as a key element. We need to consider the potential of later life learning opportunities, based in the community as well as in classroom, for the well-being and empowerment of older people as well as the enrichment of society.

This Conference will identify, examine and debate new thinking and new possibilities for later life learning in Europe. It will encourage discussion around the following areas:

  • Recent research evidence on the experience and outcomes of later life learning initiatives
  • The work and achievements of the ForAge network including its Vision for the Future
  • An overview of relevant work, achievements and policy in Portugal
  • Current developments in active and healthy ageing cities and other communities
  • Healthy ageing in  global and-pan European policies
  • The voices, opinions and testimonies of older learners
  • Examples of relevant pan European educational activities and innovations
  • Key issues emerging from ForAge’s research, enquiries, database monitoring and surveys.
  • Highlighting the potential and actual roles of the various sectors, agencies and disciplines throughout Europe in the improvement of educational opportunities in later life
  • The future of adult learning funding across Europe
  • Future opportunities for networking, research and development.

The Conference is over two days with each day pursuing a different theme and way of working.

  • Day One will focus on European and Portuguese policy, research and practice dimensions;
  • Day Two will use the needs, achievements and testimonies of older learners themselves to better contextualise the issues raised, the ways forward and in particular ForAge’s Vision for the Future.

The format of the event will include a mix of plenary panels and keynote speeches and in-depth discussions within parallel workshops to address concrete facets of the learning dimension of active ageing policy.

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