Webinaire « Blended Learning with Technology for Adult Basic Skills: Innovative International Examples »


14 Mai 2015 - 13h00 - 14h15

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The centre for literacy

A Canadian example
Matthias Sturm, Senior e-Learning and Research Consultant, AlphaPlus

AlphaPlus is a support organization in the publicly-funded adult basic education sector in Ontario, Canada. Matthias will focus on two examples of their IT Consulting and Coaching Services designed to support on-site programs in innovative use of information and learning technologies, in these cases using Dropbox and Evernote. He will also touch briefly on their Blended Learning Professional Development and Moodle Training and on Distance Learning Delivery Support available to practitioners through Ontario’s e-Channel. 

Engaging Learners in Ireland
John Stewart, National Adult Literacy Coordinator, National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA)

NALA’s approach to distance learning has been recognized as one of the top 16 European case studies by the European Union. Their free Distance Learning Service gives learners control over what and when they learn, by themselves, online or on the phone with one of 160 tutors from 77 adult literacy centres. John will describe the online learning portal www.writeon.ie and telephone tutor support. He will also briefly discuss their use of TV programs to raise awareness and engage learners in literacy and numeracy development and their support of thematic learning e.g. financial literacy (www.makingcents.ie) and family learning (www.helpmykidlearn.ie).

Comments/feedback: Sharon Hackett, Centre de documentation sur l'éducation des adultes et la condition féminine (CDÉACF), Montreal.