Frontier College National Forum on Literacy and Health


17 Mai 2018 - 11h30 - 18 Mai 2018 - 12h59

Organisé par : 

Collège Frontière

Despite Canada's universal healthcare, not all Canadians have the same opportunities to enjoy good health and have the ability to understand and navigate health care services. There are many interconnected factors affecting our health and wellbeing. Literacy is one of those factors.

At this national forum, the panelists will consider how the stigma surrounding low literacy, and medical systems and practices that assume strong literacy skills, may impact a person's ability to make use of the health services they need.

This conversation will be webcast live to satellite conference in cities across Canada. We welcome questions for our panelists via email and via twitter @frontiercollege.


Radisson Hotel Downtown Winnipeg
288, av. Portage
Winnipeg, MB R3C OB8