Canadian Domestic Violence Conference 6


3 Mars 2020 - 00h00 - 6 Mars 2020 - 23h59

Organisé par : 

BRIDGES et New Start

The Canadian Domestic Violence Conference 6 is a national showcase of ground-breaking grassroots initiatives that address intimate partner violence.  This vital conference, held every two years, will feature influential presenters who are bringing about change in community-based groups, academics and government agencies. An extensive array of participating organizations include women’s shelters, women’s centres, Partner Assault Response (PAR) programs, men’s treatment programs, family therapists, restorative justice facilitators, probation offices, police, crown prosecutors, judges, victim services officers, children mental health workers, child protection workers, addiction counselors, health care workers, clergy, educators and others engaged in direct service. The ultimate goal of this progressive and formative conference is to strengthen and enrich those individuals who confront domestic violence and to challenge the current social determinants of domestic violence.

The CDVC6 has been specifically designed to foster knowledge in bringing about effective interventions and conversations with women, men and children dealing with domestic violence in various professional contexts.  While primarily emphasizing men’s violence against women, this Conference will also focus conversations on the margins of the field, such as violence in same-sex relationships; violence with people with disabilities; in aboriginal relationships; first generation immigrant relationships; and straight women’s perpetration of abuse.  To address the diversity among women, the conference will explore conversations with women who want to leave, women who are ambivalent about their relationships and women who know they want to stay. This broad range of discussions will include interventions that involve individual, couple, family and group conversations.

This year, the CDVC6 will highlight trailblazing community initiatives designed to challenge social determinants of domestic violence.  While primarily challenging sexism, the Conference will also focus on how the field is challenging key issues such as racism, poverty, homophobia, and ableism.

The CDVC6 committee is feminist, welcomes sharing diverse ideas, and selects presentations on the basis of the quality of the presentation proposal.

The mandate of the Conference is to move the field forward, and therefore encourages participants and presenters to highlight and share innovative approaches that are developing in the various communities across Canada.


Marriott Harbourfront Hotel
1919, rue Upper Water
Halifax, NS B3J 3J5