Séminaire virtuel du Conseil international d'éducation des adultes (CIEA/ICAE)

Séminaire virtuel du Conseil international d'éducation des adultes (CIEA/ICAE)

Le Conseil international d'éducation des adultes (CIEA) a ouvert son Séminaire Virtuel ce lundi 21 avril. Ce séminaire, proposé en trois langues (anglais, espagnol et français), se veut une plateforme de préparation à la conférence internationale sur l'éducation et la formation des adultes CONFINTÉA VI.

L’objectif général du Séminaire Virtuel est de « générer une action de plaidoyer autour des questions proposées par le CIEA et de contribuer à la définition de propositions de plaidoyer envers CONFINTEA VI »

Le CIEA a choisi d'articuler le séminaire autour de 4 modules thématiques clés, soit : L'alphabétisation ; La migration et l'éducation des adultes ; Le pauvreté, l'éducation et le travail ; La politique, la législation et le financement pour l'éducation aux adultes.

Ses objectifs spécifiques sont:

  1. Créer un espace de participation pour les acteurs du milieu, engagés dans le plaidoyer pour le droit à l’éducation
  2. Encourager l’échange et la réflexion entre toutes les thématiques sus mentionnées

Pour être inclus à la liste du séminaire, merci d'écrire à : secretariat@icae.org.uy

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ICAE (International Council for Adult Education) Virtual Seminar in Preparation for CONFINTEA VI

April 21 May 9, 2008

We are glad to announce that on Monday April 21 the Virtual Seminar organized by ICAE, as part of the preparatory process towards CONFINTEA VI, will open.

Up to this moment 632 participants from different regions have been subscribed, and this will definitely ensure the diversity of perspectives. We expect to have an active participation and to receive creative and innovative inputs that will enrich the exchange and contribute to come up with solid advocacy proposals for CONFINTEA VI.

The general objective of the Virtual Seminar is "to generate an advocacy action around the issues proposed by ICAE and contribute to the definition of advocacy proposals towards CONFINTEA VI"

The specific objectives are:

- To create a participatory space for ICAE members, GEO members and IALLA graduates, UIL and other education actors, and colleagues committed to advocacy for the right to education in the preparatory process towards CONFINTEA VI.

- Encourage the exchange and reflection among all on the advocacy areas defined by ICAE as a priority towards CONFINTEA VI: Literacy, Migration and Adult Education, , Poverty Education and Work, Policy, Legislation and Financing for Adult Education with gender analysis in all of them.

The seminar will have 4 thematic modules and will be in 3 languages (English, Spanish and French). We really encourage all of you to participate and take advantage of this participatory space that ICAE provides to civil society where you will be able to express your views, suggestions and proposals on the 4 above-mentioned issues, as well as enrich from the inputs of other participants. If you wish to be included in the seminar list, please write to: secretariat@icae.org.uy

Virtual Seminar Programme

Introduction by Paul Belanger, ICAE President

Theme 1: Literacy
April 21 - 24

Papers by:
- Cecilia Soriano, National Coordinator, ENet Philippines, ASPBAE Policy Team - “Adult Literacy: Notes for Discussions: ICAE Virtual Seminar in Preparation for Confintea VI”.
- Sergio Haddad, ICAE Executive Council, Brazil
- Agneta Lind, “Comments on the Adult literacy Notes for Discussion of ICAE Virtual”
- Shirley Walters, University of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa “Adult Learning within Lifelong Learning: A different lens, a different light”
- Imelda Arana, REPEM/GEO, Colombia

Theme 2: Migration and Adult Education
April 25 - 29

Papers by:
- Babacar Diop Buuba, Vice President of ICAE for Africa, PAALAE “Africa, Scenario of Human Migration”
- Heribert Hinzen and Chris Duke, DVV “Adult Education in Migration and Integration”
- Sofia Valdivielso, "Reflections on migration and the role of lifelong learning"
- Fanny Gomez REPEM/Colombia
- Maria Fernanda Ramos d’Almeida - PAALAE
- Marcela Ballara - GEO/REPEM
- Fanny Gómez REPEM/GEO, Colombia

Theme 3: Poverty, Education and Work
April 30 May 5:

Papers by:
- Ana Agostino, Programme Coordinator of ICAE “Poverty, Education and Work:
Some introductory thoughts”
- Julia Preece, National University of Lesotho “Education and Poverty”
- Marcela Ballara, GEO/REPEM
- Alejandra Scampini, Women's Rights Regional Coordinator of Actionaid
- Astrid Von Kotze, University of KwaZulu-Natal “Poverty, Work and Education”
- Graciela Riquelme, GEO-ICAE Argentina “Education and Work”
- Iliana Pereyra Sarti, REPEM / Uruguay Latinamerican Taskforce on Education, Gender and Economy “The learning-empowerment binomial”

Theme 4: Policy, legislation and financing for Adult Education
May 6 - 8

Papers by:
- Paul Belanger, Heribert Hinzen and Chris Duke “Policy, Legislation and Financing for Adult Education”
- Vernor Muñoz, Special UN Rapporteur on the Right to Education In view of the education marketization
- Elisabete Ramos, National Campaign for the Right to Education of Brazil - “Reflection on education cost and quality”

Conclusions and Closing
May 9